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The ELTE conference is a cyclical conference of the Polish electronics community, covering the principal branches of widely regarded microelectronics and nanoelectronics, photonics and nanophotonics, microsystems technologies, as well as electronic and optoelectronic materials.

All editions of ELTE, gathering numerous specialists, became significant forums for exchanging scientific ideas and created opportunities for establishing relations between industry and academia sharing the same areas of interest.

The organizer of the ELTE 2023 conference is the Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics of the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference has the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. During the conference, we will host high-ranking state officials from those Ministries.

This year’s edition of ELTE is expected to gather almost 200 participants from European-wide academic and industrial sectors. The scope of the conference will be devoted to limitations and development opportunities in electronics, photonics, physics, chemistry, and high technologies in the current socio-economic situation in Poland and Europe. We want representatives of leading companies operating in our country to express their views on those matters during the „Quo Vadis Polish Electronics and Photonics” special session. The second one, titled “Quo Vadis European Electronics and Photonics”, will be devoted to the directions of development of European electronics and photonics. The speeches of the Polish Government, and the European Commission representatives are expected.

The language of the conference is Polish except for the special sessions „Quo Vadis Polish Electronics and Photonics ” and “Quo Vadis European Electronics and Photonics”, which will be held in English (see below the program of the English-language part of the conference).

As the conference venue, we chose the 14th-century Teutonic castle in the Masurian city of Ryn (https://www.zamekryn.pl/en/). The advantages of this place, appreciated by the participants of the previously organized ELTE 2013 conference, create a unique atmosphere, equally promoting scientific activity and rich forms of relaxation.

April 19th, 2023 (Wednesday)
08.30 - 09.10CONFERENCE OPENING SPEECH (Jan Szmidt)
Introductory lecture - The history of the ELTE Conference and the evolution of electron technology (in Polish, Jerzy Rużyłło)
09.10 - 10.25Quo Vadis Polish Electronics and Photonics…?, part 1
Introduction (Adam Piotrowski - CEO at VIGO Photonics)

Commercial lectures - 15 min each
1. VIGO Photonics
2. Centrum Zaawansowanych Materiałów i Technologii CEZAMAT
3. Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz
4. Technolutions
10.25 - 10.35Coffee break
10.35 - 11.50Quo Vadis Polish Electronics and Photonics…?, part 2
5. Trumpf Huettinger
6. Infineon
7. Synopsys
8. Silicon Creations
11.50 - 12.10Coffee break
12.10 - 13.55Quo Vadis European Electronics and Photonics…?
Representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are expected
13.55 - 15.00Dinner